Family Events

FAMILY IS IMPORTANT - In our continuing effort to strengthen, build-up and support the family unit, each year Campus Life hosts a series of events to encourage those vital family relationships. These include the Father-Daughter Ball as well as the following:


This event can take many shapes or forms, but the overall goal is to encourage and build that important relationship. 

In June 2019 Campus Life will host the 1st Annual Father Son Airsoft Team competition. Details will be available via Facebook soon.


In December Campus Life will be hosting a Christmas Tea for mothers and daughters.  This special event will give moms and “their girls” a chance to make some Christmas memories together.  It’s a Girl Thing.


For many years those attending our annual Father Daughter Ball have been asking “what about mothers and sons”?  Well the wait is OVER!  In July Campus Life will be hosting The Amazing Scavenger Hunt.  This afternoon event will include finding a plethora of sought-after items as well as a fantastic lunch.  Open to mothers and sons of all ages.
Seek – and you will find.



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The 2019 FATHER-DAUGHTER BALL will be held Feb. 15, 16, 22 and 23. (details)

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