Mission & Goals


To communicate the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to the youth and families of Sheboygan County.


Create environments and opportunities where everyone can know, grow and experience life in Christ.


Know - That participants understand, live, and share their faith.
* Understand, accept, profess and explain the plan of salvation.
* Write out their testimony and be able to share it verbally.
* Enter into a discipleship relationship with a more mature Christian.

Grow - That participants are discipled, and find a balance between being a ministry consumer and a ministry producer.
* Explain the concepts of sin, grace, faith, heaven, hell, redemption, etc.
* Explain the role of God the Father, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian.
* Know and be able to share the basic storyline of the Bible: Creation, Fall, Old Covenant, Prophets, Christ, Church, Christ’s return.
* Take on a leadership role in a Campus Life ministry program (club program, Bible study, outreach group).
* Become a mentor and disciple a younger Christian.

Experience - That participants be actively involved in local ministry.
* Attend weekly church services with their family or friends.
* Participate in a small group or youth group.
* Participate in a church ministry.
* Participate in at least one service project per year.

Ministry Model
* Christ is Heard - Outreach/Evangelism
* Christ is Accepted - Evangelism/Discipleship
* Christ is Followed - Discipleship/Church
* Christ is Shared - Church/Outreach



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